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Rome is a history buff’s dream destination – for obvious reasons. This is one of the best locations in the world for those endeavoring to find historical monuments and cultural relevance. However, it can also be a little bit overwhelming! There’s so much to see and learn!

When planning a trip to Rome, make sure to include the following locations on your bucket list. The lessons learned from these locations will make the journey worth it, as the historian in your heart sings with joy.

The Colosseum

No trip to Rome is complete without getting a chance to see the Colosseum in person. There’s a reason that the Colosseum is one of the most iconic sights in Rome – it is genuinely that impressive. 

The Colosseum is over two thousand years old and housed gladiators and the entertained public alike. It held thousands of fans in the stadiums, a true feat of Roman architecture, as the building stands even today.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon is another iconic location of Rome, one of the first to come to mind when Rome is discussed. The Pantheon is nearly two thousand years old and is in remarkably stable condition despite its age.

Though that is not to say that the Pantheon has not had its share of losses, Pope Urban had the bronze roof stripped away, and in AD 80, the Pantheon was damaged and consequently partially rebuilt after a fire. 

St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the most prominent and iconic buildings from the Renaissance era, and it is beloved by the people. Considered to be one of the holiest Christian sites, it sits in the center of Vatican City.

St. Peter’s Basilica was commissioned in 324 AD by Constantine. Both the church and the location have an extended history – one worth reading about when the opportunity arises.

Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is one of Rome’s most significant Baroque water features – an impressive statement in its own right. The fountain was built with Neptune in mind, as the Roman god is front and center. 

The Palazzo Poli palace creates a striking backdrop for the fountain, and the square surrounding has become a hub of activity.